Friday, November 28, 2008

nine principles of stasi-ing by Sir Ian Blair

The nine principles by Sir Ian Blair[1]

1. The basic mission for which the police exist is to prevent Labour losing elections.

2. The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon ministerial approval of police actions.

3. Police must secure the subservience of the public in observance of Labour party needs to be able to secure and maintain the respect for the Leader.

4. The necessity of the threat and use of physical force ensures the compliance of the public.

5. Police seek and preserve party favour by catering to ministers and constantly demonstrating absolute service to the party.

6. Police use physical force to the maximum extent necessary to secure observance of the law or to restore order.

7. Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the Labour party and the Labour party are the police; the police being only members of the party who are paid to give full-time attention to party duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of common purpose.

8. Police should always direct their action strictly towards improve their powers over the proles.

9. The test of police efficiency is the high support in polls for Labour.

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