Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm not reponsible for any cleaning bills as a result of you reading this.


sackerson said...


MARCUS ANDRONICUS: Why dost thou laugh? it fits not with this hour.

TITUS ANDRONICUS: Why, I have not another tear to shed:
Besides, this sorrow is an enemy,
And would usurp upon my watery eyes
And make them blind with tributary tears:
Then which way shall I find Revenge's cave?

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, AC-1. There are definitely a lot more people in the country than 'official' estimates. According to a House of Commons of 11 July, 2009 here:

"The total number of NINOs in issue each year has grown, from approximately 66 million in 1997 to 76.8 million in 2006." That was 3-4 years ago, and since people under 16 aren't allocated NINos, the population is clearly in excess of 80 million. The note says that the number of NINos does not indicate the population because some people with NINos live abroad, but it is careful not to put any estimate on the numbers living abroad.

So, plenty of people around to pay off that debt, then.

The Refuser said...

Edgar you should also bear in mind those NINOs are often handed out to multiple versions of the same person. Most of the deadbeats from the turd world are quick to recognise the opportunity to defraud the benefits system. In my former life I would encounter the same people entereing Britain every two weeks to sign on. They would live in Holland, Belgium, Poland etc. and come regularly to sign on. The Benefits Agency know it is going on but are too scared to tackle it because it might anatagonise our European masters.

Regarding the disgraceful debts these scoundrels have run up you have to wonder at the stupidity of the British public. It was pretty obvious to me in 1997 that a vote for Labour would end in tears, but the stupid twats kept on letting marxists have another go. Now the shit has hit the fan they suddenly develop hindsight. I voted with my feet and got out while the going was good. I urge you all to do likewise.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that information, Mr Refuser. I can see that have a few dozen NINos could come in handy for people who make a living out of defrauding tax payers. Who knows? The actual population might be much less than the official figure, after all.