Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gordon's Epic Fail

6th May 1997

"So we must break from the short termism of the past - the economic instability that has characterised the British economy not just in recent years but for most of the century. That is why I want British economic success to be built on the solid rock of prudent and consistent economic management, not the shifting sands of boom and bust."

"The ultimate judgement of the success of this measure will not come next week , or indeed in the next year but in the long- term. I am convinced that this radical reform, together with measures we will announce to equip our economy for the challenges ahead, creates the platform of stability upon which Britain can build."


Mark Wadsworth said...

"The ultimate judgement of the success ...

What an complete airhead; he doesn't seem to have left room for the possibility that it might all be a, er, miserable failure.

marksany said...

His only option is a pearl handled revolver.